Israel, Politics and Jewish Current  Events 

New JLI five week course  

  • What is the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? 
  • Is Israel an “occupying” force?
  • What makes an Israeli citizen? 
  • Why can’t we pray at the Temple Mount?
  • What are the differences between the key Israeli political parties? 
  • Is Israel an “Apartheid” state? 
  • Does the Jewish Diaspora hold as much influence as it once did? 
  • Are Jews liberal or conservative? 
  • What is the BDS movement and its impact on college campuses? 
  • What does the newest U.N Resolution mean to Israel and how may it impact Israel's relationship with the U.S? 

This fascinating course delves into the many issues facing Israelis and American Jews today.  You’ll leave each class wanting more!


When:            Every Thursday @7PM starting on January 19 – Five week course.
Where:          Chabad of Aliso Viejo
How much:     $57